Handmade Dark Wood Handle Folding Pocket Knife With Engraved Frame Work

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In terms of reliability, functionality and durability, this pocket knife stand at the top. If these are foldable too, these efficiently serve the purpose as hunting knives. With high end material construction, Damascus knives are meant to accomplish a variety of tasks. Whether you have to make some clean and accurate cuts, peel fruits or want to stay at the forefront of the skinning game, these are the perfect option to go for. With an exquisite and practical build, such knives are sure to impress every knife fan. If you want to grab a highly versatile, reliable and portable outdoor knife; you can't go wrong with these stunning pieces of Damascus steel. These hand forged pocket knives are built to last with durability and grace. These will never go out of charm and glamor; nor does their practicality fade. Let’s pick a classic piece from the exclusive pocket knives collection. The Green Back Lock Pocket Knife is going to elevate the traditional tool to a splendid style statement. It is a timeless tool of grace and function that can last for the coming generations too.

A Uniquely Forged Pattern Is Always Distinctive
For a signature charm and elegance, this knife has been created through the process of forge welding. In this methodology, multiple layers of different types of steel are folded many times to have a solid block called billet. Due to heat intensive folding and welding, several layers of steel are obtained with unique patterns. These are the patterns we attained by combining 1095 high carbon steel with a layer of nickel. After forging, an acid is added to the blade and as a result, we get an attractive layered pattern in steel with high flexibility and toughness. This also brings invisible serrations on the knife blade that supports sharp cutting.

Overall Length 8" inches
Blade Length 3.2" inches
Handle Length 4.8" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material
Dark Wood Handle stainless steel clips, File work on the Spine.

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.
It has razor sharp cutting edge.

Overall Knife Length
The superbly designed knife is hand forged for a classic gaze. It boasts an overall length of 8" inches. For whatever purpose you are carrying it, you have got a good size and weight to take it handy. Enjoy a multitude of bush craft activities, camping and hiking tasks.

Blade Length
In pocket knives, a blade of 3.2" inches length is considered great enough to perform its cutting function quite nicely. This knife grip brings an amazing feel to your hands and the blade is beautiful to get a visual treat for your eyes too.

Handle Length & Material
Getting this knife a vintage edge, its handle matters the most. The sleek looking green pocket knife has a compact design and incredible grip on holding. It carries a 4.8" Inches handle crafted with durable green dollar sheet with beautifully engraved steel framework. The stainless steel clips and a classy file work on the spine adds to its alluring look.

HRC & Sharpness
With a Rockwell scale value of 55-58, this knife renders a great, razor sharp cutting edge. After heat intensive forging treatment, the blade attains more hardness and a robust look. This value ensures high longevity, edge retention, sharpness and versatility for a variety of everyday chores.

Host Safely Your Precious Knife Within A Leather sheath
If you want to preserve the sharpness of a knife’s blade, it is highly recommended to place it securely in a quality cover or pouch. With this Damascus tool, you get a stylish yet sturdy genuine leather pouch. It keeps your knife undamaged and safe. With durable double stitching and rust proof button closure; it is something good to go with. Cherish enhanced blade protection and easy accessibility with high end leather sheath!

A Secure Back Lock For Ultimate Protection
The highly captivating and functional pocket knife comes with a reliable back lock that serves through a locking arm. It is easy to carry your handy product without having a risk of injury. So, stay perfectly equipped in everyday life with this practical accessory and get ready to take any challenge life can bring to you.

A Collection Rich In Traditional Artwork
Want to enrich your knives collection with a piece that speaks great style and function? Then this pocket knife is the perfect option to consider. A classic Damascus pattern and decorative layout increase the value of this knife manifold. The signature forged metals depict the perfect fusion of elegance and practicality with ancient and modern materials. Its robust construction and distinctive personality statement makes it an appealing tool for anglers, hunters and outdoorsmen. Designed to be extremely portable and feasible to carry on, this knife affirms a firm grip within the user's hand. It always leads to a distinctive look, as no two items are ever identical. So you are sure to reveal individuality in your assemblage.
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Damascus steel contains a high carbon content, providing it with a long-lasting edge. However, the carbon also makes it prone to rust when exposed to moisture. To prevent this, wash your knives in warm water with standard dish soap and thoroughly dry them with a fresh towel. Once dry, use a cloth or paper towel to apply oil to the knife. We recommend using mineral oil because it is inexpensive, food-safe, and does not spoil. Any cooking oil can be used for short-term purposes, but it's not recommended for long-term storage due to spoiling.

If your knife develops rust, don't worry! It's an easy fix!

Rust can form on a fresh blade within minutes, which can be alarming, but don't lose hope just yet! If rust appears, rub the blade with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, wash it with warm soapy water, hand dry it, and then oil the blade as usual. Over time, your knife will develop a patina and become more resistant to moisture. High carbon Damascus steel does require a bit more care than your grandma's bread knife, but its quality, performance, and user experience make it more than worth it!

Here are some quick tips for your reference:

- Wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.
- Use mineral oil to coat the blade before storing.
- If you get rust, vinegar will fix it.
- Do not store knives in a leather roll for extended periods of time, as the leather can retain moisture against the blade. If you must do so, apply a heavy coat of oil before storing."

Alpine Blade Knives specializes in crafting blades designed exclusively for sport and recreational purposes. The buyer assumes all responsibilities and liabilities associated with the purchase.

By acquiring this item, the buyer affirms their comprehension of federal, state, and local laws governing the purchase, ownership, and usage of the product. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to ensure compliance with legal age requirements and verify the legality of purchasing and receiving shipments of this item in accordance with the laws of their country, state, and city.

Furthermore, it is imperative to keep steel knives out of reach of children for safety reasons. The emphasis on legal awareness and responsible handling underscores Alpine Blade Knives' commitment to promoting safe and lawful use of their products.

Damascus steel boasts a durable edge thanks to its elevated carbon content. However, this very carbon component renders it vulnerable to rust in the presence of moisture. To prevent this, it's advisable to cleanse your knives in warm water using standard dish soap and ensure thorough drying with a clean towel. After drying, apply a layer of oil to the knife using a cloth or paper towel. While Mineral Oil is our recommended choice due to its affordability, food safety, and resistance to spoilage, any cooking oil can serve the purpose in the short term. Nonetheless, it's cautioned against prolonged storage periods due to the risk of spoilage.

If your knife happens to develop rust, don't fret—it's a simple issue to address!

Rust can swiftly appear on a fresh blade, often within minutes, creating an alarming sight. However, there's no need to lose hope. To remedy rust, rub the affected blade with either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, followed by washing it in warm, soapy water. Hand dry the knife and proceed to oil the blade as usual. With time, your knife will acquire a patina, becoming more resistant to moisture. While High Carbon Damascus requires a bit more care compared to your grandma's bread knife, the superior quality, performance, and overall user experience make it well worth the effort.

Here are some quick tips for your reference:

  • Wash the knife in warm, soapy water and dry it immediately.
  • Use mineral oil to coat the blade before storing.
  • In case of rust, vinegar will effectively address the issue.
  • Avoid storing knives in a leather roll for extended periods; leather can retain moisture against the blade. If necessary, apply a generous coat of oil before storing.

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Handmade Dark Wood Handle Folding Pocket Knife With Engraved Frame Work